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is microsoft right now? please, everybody, remember, i own it. nicole: you own it.. it's down 4%. stuart varney is losing money today f. he's grumpy, please excuse him -- if he's grumpy please excuse him. when you have a person stepping down after he was there so many years, it's not a good sign. stuart: he was the windows guy, couple of weeks after windows 8 appears, he's gone. that's a signal from a lot of people that maybe windows 8 is not very good. nicole: i wouldn't disagree with that. we're speculating, but they are saying that the decision was mutual. stuart: we will look back at it. still down 87 cents. thank you very much nicole. the dow is up 34. general david petraeus his fall from grace started over just one e-mail sent by his misstress. here's the question, how much access does the fbi have over your personal e-mails? all of them? the judge is next. stuart: he's been re-elected, so obama care will remain the law of the land. companies have to figure out how to deal with it. first wal-mart says it will have to raise the premiums its employees pay for healthcare insurance. many empl
with stuart varney, then lou dobbs, and we are on 6:55 eastern time, we hope to have it resolved early morning november 7, betting is 1 or 2 aim, aimee copland, i would -- i thought we would push ourselveses into our friend don imus' program, but because it could be so close, in particular ohio, that there will be recounts automatic recounts there could be lawyers, automatic litigating that is where you find our eric shawn in cleveland, ohio, they are getting ready for the worse in this case, what could be a long, drawn-out series of days, picking through ought of the votes, right? >> you are right, more than days, right now tonight, christmas wreaths are out in front of tower city center top of tower lit up in red, white and blue, is it possible we could be here until december? i don't think so, but this is how it could potentially happen. automatic recount starts in ohio if you are within 1/4 of 1% of the vote that is about 20,000 votes, in 2008, you have about 5.6 million or more, this time, money less, because there is that trem couthat you talk abou0 people, jimmy carter won the state wit
to stuart varney and "your world." >>stuart: look at that, stocks, up. hopes for a fiscal cliff deal, up. question: does that mean taxes are about to go up? welcome, everyone, i am stuart varney here for neil cavuto and this is "your world." stocks straight up. wall street betting a deal will be made as democrats double down on demands for tax hikes as part of a deal. >> the president has been very clear, the higher income people have to pay their fair share. >> letting the top rate return to clinton era levels. >> that would be 39.percent. a new poll shows a majority of voters 57 percent, favor hiking taxes on high income earners and not looking too good for republicans looking to hold out. and now art laffer, i am not suggesting this is good policy but this is what will happen. tax rates up on the rich and promises of spending cuts later, and ignore the debt. that is the nature of the fiscal cliff deal. what do you say? >>guest: you are correct. that is what is going to happen. i hope a vast majority of the republicans in the house of representatives hold firm on their position but tha
to be. stuart varney, lou dobbs and neil cavuto will not go anywhere. 5:00 beyond -- seven copy of eastern. lori: hopefully bill kristol is right and we have a decision. the market is holding up as soon as you know, the name of our next president. >> the critical week for greece austerity ramps up whether it should abandon the euro. look at the metals. gold, silver, copper heading i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll b
, thank you very much. and i'm going to pay more money on my income, you are saying, i, stuart varney who came here with nothing, has worked for every red cent he's got should pay more. >> let me ask you a question, do you support estate taxes? >> no, no, i don't. >> you don't support estate taxes so you want your children to be able to be in my situation, paying lower taxes than you who worked for a living because you made the money for them and gave it to them. stuart: ul make the argument that the state would make a lot more money if they abolished the estate tax. it's a separate story. >> now you're switching to the argument that the state is going to make more money. so if the question is what's kind of tax level is actually going to generate more income. stuart: oh, yes, let's talk about that. what we should do, we should lower tax rates and abolish some deductions. that would bring in a whole lot more money to the federal treasury, wouldn't it. >> i say let's raise tax rates and also eliminate these deductions, our federal government is facing a fiscal disaster and seems to me, emi
are stuart varney the to the third floor of tiffany. stuart: good one. kohl's is down. thank you very much. the fbi processes 150,000 background checks for gun purchases just on black friday alone. gun sales clearly booming. worried that president obama will take away their second amendment rights. do you remember this? >> you will see a siege on the second amendment we have never seen before. president obama is trying to camouflage this issue, fog this issue to get through the election. sending 5 all over the heartland of the country, obama is not going to take your guns. they have been trying to fog the issue to get through the election but if they do, it is katie, bar the door. stuart: that man is back, and are a executive vice president joins us at 10:45 this morning and i will ask him what exactly is an assault weapon? 10:45, here we go. general motors has unveiled its own electric minicar and they unveil the that the l a auto show. it is the chevy stock. it comes just as california rolls out new mandates for automakers requiring them to sell electric cars. joining us now is carl baue
.m. with stuart varney, lou dobbs than neil cavuto. you will bring as the exit polls? >> we will be in the virtual studio. dennis: they could be controversial you could negative the hopes if released to early. >> we have a meeting about that. sandra smith brings of the names of the stock. >> and we have a live report from nevada. >> look at the 10 year treasury. >> by a at robert gray. with your fox business brief eight people have been shot to word dead in california at a food company. the abc affiliate reports the suspect is among those dead but it hasn't been confirmed. united arab emirates have requested to buy missile defense from lockheed martin buy it as the boy $6 billion. the sale has been approved we began up to lawmakers to repeal it. >> regulators looking into unauthorized trading after the firm's president told the wall street journal also receive apple shares andover bought by 1,000 shares. this is the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper. to line priceline has been soaring since obama won the election in 2008 now we have the winners of the obama era >> daewoo t
that has to be done. there's not a fixed price in place. stuart: stuart varney comes to you -- >> average cost is $800. stuart: if i have got a lousy credit score, that would be say 500, that's a pretty bad score, isn't it? >> that's a bad score. stuart: i pay you $800 and you get me a score of 700? >> there are no guarantees, stuart. stuart: i do pay you the money. >> that's a guarantee. stuart: you could get me from 500 to 700 on my credit score. how do you do that? >> how much time do we have? [laughter] >> we have a six month program that we put clients through. stuart: real fast, what do you do? >> do a credit analysis and we figure out what information is skon the report that's causing you pain. -- what information is on the report that's causing you pain. stuart: do you go to the credit reporting agency and say ease up on stuart varney, he will pay that. >> what we say is if you wish to report that information, you have to verify it and make it accurate, and unfortunately the credit bureaus quite frankly do a terrible job with that. stuart: look, i haven't paid my bills, right? i h
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. stuart varney, from europe, says this could be coming to our streets. he's going to take a right and join us next [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! >> brian: millions of workers across europe rioting against spending cuts and tax increases. they all are designed to bring e.u. nations back from the brink so they're making tough cuts. so as the u.s. continues to sink further in debt, is this a preview of our future? stuart varney is here. what are the countries? >> spain and portugal yesterday a general strike. that's all workers go on strike. italy, greece. big walkout. you got street demonstrations. this has been going on for a long time. for generations in europe, politicians have bought votes by handing out goodies to the population. pensions, health care, you name it. they've run out of money. they've had to cut back. now you got riots in the streets. now look over here. what position
our own stuart varney, he's been talking about a romney bounce for stocks. well, stuart is coming on and then there's charlie gasparino, he says wall street executives predicting a big win, the electoral college for the president. they're both ahead. cheryl casone and ddnnis kneale continuing our coverage on the markets now. don't go away. i'm a conservative investor. i invest in what i know. i turned 65 last week. i'm getting married. planni a life. therare risks, sure. but, there'no reward without it. i want to be prepared for the long haul. i see a world bursting with opportunities. india, china, brazil, ishares, small-caps, large-caps, ishares. industrials. low cost. every dollar counts. ishares. income. dividends. bonds. i like bonds. ishares. commodities. diversication. choices. my own ideas. ishares. i want to use the same stuff the big guys use. ishares. 9 out of 10 large, professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. introducing the ishares core, etfs for the heart of your portfolio. taefficient and low cost building blocks to help you keep more of what you earn.
the last three years i do believe. so tell me. >> almost as often as stuart varney. stuart: what went wrong? >> a lot of these raises were tight and fell to obama. one is tactical. this is mostly a tactical election. they had very good ground game and played defensive ball the entire time but essentially they got most of the people who voted for him last time around. he is the first president to win a second term with a smaller percentage of the vote that he won in his first election. only two stake in the union, hawaii and mississippi where he increased his vote and did so at less than 1/4%. stuart: i find it hard to swallow that a president is reelected who has a failed record in most areas of policy, but he is reelected. i cannot call that a tactical loss. >> two strategic things. on the issue of the economy and exit polls will not be correct until noon today, but if you're a top issue was the economy, 59% of people said the top issue was the economy romney won 51-46. we should have done better. we need to make a better case for consistent economic policy. stuart: economic policy was the
. stuart varney with us this morning. martha: president obama will face report,for his first news conference since his reelection. it starts at 1:30 eastern i am. we understand he will join vice president biden in a meeting with the heads of some of america's largest companies to talk about the fiscal cliff and to talk about ways to generate jobs in this country, this comes a day after the meeting he had yesterday which was first on the agenda to sit down with the nation's top labor leaders. bill: what if they fail on this cliff. nearly all americans will see a tax increase while across-the-board spending cuts take effect. so far there is no plan from democrats or republicans that both sides can agree on. but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says he's ready to reach across the aisle. >> we are ready to find common ground on revenue. but we are also not about to further weaken the economy by raising tax rates and hurting jobs. bill: in 30 minutes, what would steve forbes do? martha: that's a question i always ask myself. in this situation, what would steve forbes do? pill * t
. stuart varney, lou dobbs and of course neil cavuto will guide you through all the returns starting tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. you can not afford to miss it. coming up we'll make money with charles payne. charles is watching a retail stock bouncing today which is really interesting because the supply chain has been kind of cut off for a lot of these companies so does it have more room to run? >>> still ahead the final stretch for the presidential candidates, "wall street journal's" gerry seib will tell us what president obama and mitt romney need to do in order to win. >>> first as we do every day at this time of day see how oil is moving right now. not up so much. up 34 cents. $85.20 a barrel. we'll be right back. de and ♪ ♪ you can help others along the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪nd if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bott
election coverage with stuart varney and 5:00 p.m. eastern, a special "lou dobbs tonight" begins at 6:00 p.m. neil cavuto at 7:00 p.m. we are going to be with you until a winner is declared. we're coming right back. stay with us. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water soces within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are sa and clean r our communities and the environment. we're amera's natural gas. ve lately. t because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. makingt easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loan to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. ♪ lou: well, and tonight's moneyline we're
-star lineup. fox business, by the waken begins a special election coverage with stuart varney and 5:00 p.m. eastern, a special ou dobbs tonight" begins at 6:00 p.m. neil cavuto at 7:00 p.m. we are going to be with you until a winner is declared. we're coming right back. stay with us. stay top of mind with customers? from deals that ing them in with an offer... to social media promotions that turn fans into customers... to events that engage and create buzz... to e-mails that keep loyal customers coming back, our easy-to-use tools will keep you in front of your customers. see what's right for you at constantcontact.com/try. [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never haen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit floodsmart.gov/pretend to learn your risk. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, doe
. a lot to coverage. fock business coverage kicks off with stuart varney and then lou dobbs at 6:00 p.m. and i round up impressive trio of handsome gentlemen from 6 6:55 until god knows how long. it could go late. we don't know.
, the showdown, much more, stuart varney from the fox business network and the cohost of "the five," dana perino. can i have free birth control, free healthcare? what's snowpacked. >> i don'what's happened?>> i dy wakes up in the morning, saying what can the government to give to me? there's still self determination to get ahead, but the government sits like a lead weight on our ankles. particularly if you get into a situation where the government is not just your safety net, but becomes part of your everyday life for maybe a generation or two, it becomes harder to break that cycle. >> look, i think deep down america knows that what's going on is wrong. i don't see great enthusiasm and euphoria following the re-election of barack obama. deep down, i think america knows there's something wrong with the state of america today. it's become what can i get from my country? we know we can't afford it. we know that it's not traditional america. we know that morally it's wrong. there's a deep seated anxiety following this re-election -- >> sean: wait a minute. i'm going to play devil's advocate. just ha
, always a pleasure, if no for other reason than your british accent is better than stuart varney's accent. thank you very much. thank you, john. in the meantime, the man who brokers some pretty night deals for lawrence taylor, what about this one between president obama and speaker boehner? and like s. or you can get out there and actually like something. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>neil: maybe we just got ahead of ourselves. progress is looking not so good on the budget talks with ed henry at the white house with the latest. i am confused. where are we? >>reporter: santa geithner came to capitol hill and there was optimism but he came without bearing gifts and officer speaker wanted to see something on specific spending cuts. speaker boehner suggested the talks are going form right now. if there is any optimism it is the white house trying to both some life into the talks with too little bits of movement. james carney said the president is now open to spending cuts being part of the fiscal cliff talks. yesterday, the president su
tonight as polls close. join us for our extended coverage of election with our all-star team. stuart varney at 5:00 p.m. join neil cavuto on fox business when hopefully, hopefully the final returns come in. christine todd whitman is shaking her head. it will not be an early night? liz is back from the nasdaq. talking to ed lazear, former chairman of white house council of advisors. he said many folks are ignoring a important job statistictic. which one is it and how he sees the economy under a president romney if that happens. let's look how metals obama has performed since he was sworn in and as president and since the fed printed up almost 2.5 trillion in the era of quantitative easing. ♪ announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. take time to be a dad today. learn more at fatherhood.gov. david: americans head to the voting booth today as we watch for polls to roll in. we have someone who says one outcome to current around his market outlook. liz: byron wein, blackstone advisory partners joins us in a fox business, exclusive. i'm thrilled you'r
5:00 p.m. with stuart varney. we have lou dobbs and then me with all of these fine gentlemen and ladies throughout the night. sometime next year. >> off to columbus ohio and finally manchester new hampshire before heading back to ohio for tomorrow. meanwhile, rock legend bruce springsteen joining president obama at a rally in wisconsin. spending the final day of the presidential campaign travelling on air force one with the president. obama is going from madison, wisconsin to columbus, ohio where he will only be 7 miles away from romney. after that ousted the morning to my well before settling in illinois where you will sit out the election there with his family. he has no public events scheduled for tomorrow. with more on the last day of campaigning joining me now, doug holds egan, president of the american action form and former ceo director. coast of the five on fox news and ed rollins, but republican strategist and fox news into bitter. i want to start with you. you have so much experience with these campaigns. we have been watching all of these myriad polls which don't g
5:00 p.m. with stuart varney. we have lou dobbs and then me with all of theseto hold it up after last week? i will try. melissa: so this is it. the final moments of election 2012 are ticking away. we've to the got the latest and greatest from fox news's bill hemmer. he is next to me. romney surrogate diane black is here. former clinton advisor lanny davis on the each of this monumental day. we have every money angle covered. >>> also day 6 since superstorm sandy hits, chaos from gas shortages still reign. we've been hearing this will be over but how long will it take to end. >>> people say the economy doesn't care who is elected president. two all-stars will duke it out. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: first up, let's look at the day's market headlines. investors were on cautious footage day before the election. a choppy day of trading eventually led to small gains from stocks. the dow rose 19 points. apple sold three million new ipads over the weekend. ipad mini officially hit store shelves on friday. shares of apple rallied on the news, closing up
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on the other side of this rundown, you'll get so see stuart varney. he's going to talk about -- good morning. -- france, the country stripped of its triple a credit rating. so are we headedthere next? >> brian: if you watch stuart varney, we'll give you some type of gift card. >> alisyn: adding insult to injury, first sandy damaged their cars, now the city is towing them away without telling the owners. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether y
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. is there a lesson here for america? >> brian: he escaped socialism. >> gretchen: stuart varney on that next. >> brian: aflac trivia question. born on this day in 1982, this actress played jack bower's daughter in "24". who is it? be first. [ male announcer ]lka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold... i took dayquil but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't work on runny noses. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have an antihistamine. really? [ male announcer ] really. alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a fast acting antihistamine to relieve your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] can't find theraflu? try alka-seltzer plus for fast, liquid cold, and flu relief. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it
. this is decision day. i'm stuart varney and this is a special election day edition of "varney & company". we have an all-star cast spread throughout the studio and across the country for you. gerri willis at romney headquarters in boston. rich edson at obama headquarters in chicago. sandra smith is tracking key swing states for us. scott rasmussen has final polls and a prediction. first our company for the for the hour, former presidential candidate steve forbes and radio host and best-selling author, monica crowley. to you first, you're both conservatives. monica, who is going to win. >> governor romney will win the presidency by three percentage points and over 300 votes. stuart: are you being objective? >> i hope not my wishful thinking. over last month and a half i have been to most of the swing states. the energy is palpable. not something easily to discount. we have momentum on our side. between the economy and mitt romney's message and the fact that people are proactively voting for mitt romney, rather than just against barack obama me as huge deal. stuart: steve forbes, who wins? >> the l
in fox business network stuart varney for a look at this. good mornings, stuart. what lies ahead? >> that is a difficult question to answer. looking at the numbers we received today from a couple of reports you can probably say tomorrow 8:30 eastern time there were roughly, 120,000 new jobs created last month. that is a very rough estimate looking at today's numbers. now let me go into today's numbers, they are politically loaded because they present a snapshot of the economy right before the election. they're going to be intensely scrutinized because we've had a couple of very generous and pretty surprisingly positive reports last month. 363,000 new filings for unemployment benefits. that is still a very high number. and it is stablizing, right around that level. that implies that the economy is still weak. and if you look at the other report we received today on private sector job creation, you will see 158,000 new jobs created, but, here's where the intense scrutiny comes in, because that particular report has been reconfigured. it is under new management. they're using a diff
varney. >> i'm stuart varney with this special report from fox business. it is the last big picture measure of the economy before the election. a jobs report. it will show the unemployment rate at the enof the president's four years in office. there are two headline numbers to look for. the unemployment rate and the number of new jobs created. they will feature prominently in the final days of this campaign. we will also be checking what is often called the real unemployment rate. that is people who want to work full time but can't. and we'll check how many people came into the work force or dropped out of it. these numbers are released at precisely 8:30 eastern time, which is about 20 odd seconds if now. they counted these numbers up because there is big money involved in these numbers. they're not released until precisely 8:30. we're going to go to peter barns at the labor department. i'm looking from the top, i'm looking for that unemployment rate and a number of new jobs created. those are the headline numbers. it's 8:30. peter? >> stewart, the economy created 171,000 new nonfor
, to make it happen. >> brian: the new bactine. >> steve: stuart varney here and he's talking higher taxes. hello >> the spirit that lifted this country from the depth of despair to the great heights of hope, the belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an american family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. the latest coffee machine from nespresso. modular. intuitive. combines espresso and fresh milk. the new u. nespresso. what else? available at these fine retailers. >> gretchen: what's the financial fallout of america's decision? stuart varney with the key business issues on the president's agenda for term two. you have three very important points. good morning. >> i do. tax increases are almost certainly on the horizon. tax i
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. that is the highest level in a year and a half. stuart varney, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stu, this is huge compared to what they were expecting, right? >> you can't explain this huge number entirely on the storm, sandy. it is true that last week many people up and down the eastern seaboard were able to get out of their houses for the first time and go down and file. that accounts for some of this big increase. but gregg, there is a suspicion that the underlying trend is for higher and higher jobless pen fit claims because the economy appears to be getting weaker and weaker. we face tax increases next year. that's been noted by business. there have been some layoffs prior to those tax increases. and so the underlying trend may be up. it has been exaggerated by hurricane sandy. gregg: stu, things could get worse january 1st, when all of these spending cuts and tax increases happen. it is so-called fiscal cliff. put it up on the screen. 158 million americans would be affected by this. the average household, $3500 a year in tax increases. you're talking about 88% of
' deficit is not a long-term problem. it is, but it's not our short-term crisis. >> gretchen: stuart varney is here to analysis this. we just want to let you know, we'll keep this picture up live waiting for general petraeus to arrive. what do you make of richard trumka? >> he's an extremely influential and power man in the second obama term. he's basically laying the groundwork for economic policy in that second term. he's saying look, forget about this fiscal cliff. what we want to do is spend more money and tax the rich. he's saying the debt is not a problem now. it may be a problem down the road but it's not a problem now. so he's being very forceful in saying spend it, spend it on infrastructure. keep spending on medicare. medicaid. we'll borrow the money and we'll worry about it later. >> brian: the fact that he goes in first and the ceos go in later in the week and then congressional leaders to end the week today, doesn't that say a lot? >> it does say an enormous amount, yes, it does. the first out of the box, the first meeting that the president had after his reelection was with th
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creation. bill: this is the heart of the matter. stuart varney, host of "varney & company". morning to you, sir? >> this is a real shift. one of the two sides had some movement in their position on the tax side of the debate. that side is the republican side. as you heard there from senator lindsey graham, other, and other republican, they are now prepared to accept getting more revenue from the rich. not higher tax rates on the rich but getting more revenue from them by capping deductions. there has been no movement on the other side of the aisle. democrats like senator carl levin are still sticking to raise tax rates on the rich. the president will hit the road this week again demanding higher tax rates on people making more than $250,000 a year. there has been some movement on the republican side, bill. bill: let's get to democrats in a moment. i want to be clear on this what these republicans are talking about is revenue. that is tax reform. there is a big difference between that and a tax rate being changed. explain that. >> that is correct. what the republicans want to do, certainly
if a deal similar to the president's plan were to go into effect? fox business network stuart varney joins me right now. you listen to nancy pelosi. they made all kinds of painful concessions in order to just even put this first plan out there. melissa: look you put in place a plan like the president has proposed and it is a recipe for real economic trouble, maybe even a recession. martha, just for a second, take the politics out of this. consider where we're starting from. we have 8% unemployment, very slow growth and we have 3.5 billion added every day to our national debt. if you impose this massive tax increase and take away any restraint on the government borrowing of new money you're looking at potential higher unemployment, that the real danger you have runaway borrowing and set up what is called a debt crisis at some point in the future. this plan or anything like it, if it is imposed january the 1st is very bad news for the economy. martha: you know, democrats say republicans, we just saw chris van hollen, representative van hollen saying come forward, republicans tell us what you
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